Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's happening at Stampin' from the Heart 9/27/08 and Beyond

Hi, hope you are all enjoying our autumn days, the bit of a nip in the air, the glorious colors, the changing leaves--stop and smell the season. We had a great Calligraphy class on Wednesday, September 24. My apologies for the two of you who read the class in the beginning was Thursday, Sept. 25 and were not notified of the change. Hope you will be in class Thursday, October 2; DeAnn will have the supplies that you need.

Look for a new "class/club" coming. It is the Pinecone Press Book Club and will be taught/moderated by Gayle Smith. The club will be $38 a month. With that money you will receive a class from Gayle, a project book with many projects that can be done outside the club (projects such as: frames, boxes, holiday organizers, chipboard calendars, cards--accordion, flap, flip; scrapbook pages and how to lay them out) a bag to hold your supplies (1st 12 sign-ups only) and two kits--A and B--with the materials to do anywhere from 2-6 projects in each kit. Kits come with paper, chipboard notebook, ribbon, brads, etc. In the class you will make one (or two) projects from either Kit A or Kit B, then you will take the other kit home and complete the project(s) in that kit to bring back the next month to share and receive that month's kits. On the 3rd Friday night of the month, we will have "Project Night" so if you haven't been able to finish the project at home you can come in and finish it at the shop before the next class. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me at :

Two of our teachers, Gayle Smith and Jessica Hollowell have new blogs. Gayle's is: and Jessica's I will let you know as soon as I have it.

Please be sure to check out the following classes that will be occurring during the next two weeks.

Thursday, October 2: Calligraphy Class #2, Designing Letters, DeAnn Singh, 7-9, Class #2. Read the write-up on September 24 and at the top of this newsletter.

Friday, October 3: StampinCafĂ© night, bring your projects and let’s work together, 6:30.

Saturday, October 4: A Muse-ing Tag Book, Linda Forrest, 10:30-4:00, $55. Which muse stirs you through your daily adventures? Together we will assemble a simple but striking book to safe-keep the muses closest to your heart. We will create 5 tags with colorful acrylic painted background which will feature the muses of our lives. You will
leave the workshop with a lovely “A-muse-ing” Tag Book which you can display at your art space for inspiration or to “a-muse” those around you. Student supply list: Sharp scissors, glue stick and a crop-a-dile punch if you have one. Also bring a snack or lunch for good energy. Class will be repeated in February 4 (I think).

Sunday, October 5: Colorful Library Pockets, Jessica Hollowell, 1:00-4:00, $35. Create vibrant one-of-a-kind library pockets and card inserts with H20 paints, stamps, ephemera, fibers and other items. These make perfect birthday or any occasion cards. Student Supply List: Red tape, glue stick, precision scissors.
Wednesday, October 8: Buttonhole Stitch Book, Kelly Kilmer, 6:30-8:30, $55. Another unique stitch to add to your bookbinding skills! Learn a long stitch style sewing to create an exposed binding along the spine of your book. Other means of sewing discussed in class. It’s an extremely artsy stitch that leaves the mind spinning with other ideas!Supply List-Students should bring to class: Scissors, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, x-acto knife, cutting mat, paper towels, waxed paper, 3 1" bristle brushes (to paint and glue with), container to hold water in, Black Versafine (or permanent) ink pad.

Wednesday, October 8: Buttonhole Stitch Book, Kelly Kilmer, 6:30-8:30, $55. Another unique stitch to add to your bookbinding skills! Learn a long stitch style sewing to create an exposed binding along the spine of your book. Other means of sewing discussed in class. It’s an extremely artsy stitch that leaves the mind spinning with other ideas!Supply List-Students should bring to class: Scissors, bone folder, cork back metal ruler, x-acto knife, cutting mat, paper towels, waxed paper, 3 1" bristle brushes (to paint and glue with), container to hold water in, Black Versafine (or permanent) ink pad.

Thursday, October 9: Calligraphy, Designing Letters, Class #3 with DeAnn Singh, 7-9P.

Friday, October 10: Make-It and Take-It, Jessica Hollowell is tonight’s teacher, you won’t want to miss. 6:30-?, $5 per project.

Saturday, October 11: Bats in the Belfry Box and Card Class, Kristy Williams, 10:30-3:00, $40. This is Kristy’s Halloween class, she loves Halloween and wants to share her fun of this holiday with all who enjoy it as much as she does.

Sunday, October 12: Hanko Card and Punch Class, Lori Lai, 12:30-4:30, $50. Lori’s classes are always fun. She is using Punch Bunch Punches, Hanko Paper and Stamps, Kodomo Stamps and a myriad of ideas and designs that she comes up with. It is a 5-card class and the cards are stunning. Check out and look for Lori’s samples.

We have some great classes and teachers be sure to take advantage of them. We don't want to lose them. Samples are in the shop. Linda's Amusing Tags are in the shop, Jessica's library cards, Kelly's Buttonhole Stitch Book.

Please don't hesitate to leave comments or email me with any questions or suggestions or just some thoughts.

Love you all!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hope you all had a good weekend. Know those of you who took Jessica's class on Saturday and Kelly's class on Sunday had a very artsy weekend.

The following is what is happening this week at Stampin' from the Heart. Let us know if you have classes you want to take and haven't signed up for yet. Fred Mullett's "Elegant Mess" class is full and has a waiting list, there is 1 opening in the "Dancing Rubber Fish" class and 6 openings in the "Spritz Me Baby Mo Bettah! class.

Tuesday, September 16: The Elemental Basics of Stamping, Ellie Shaw, 11:30-1:30, $35. Ellie will show you some really fun things to do with rubber stamps. She will teach you embossing, direct to paper coloring technique, the difference between the types of ink that are on the market today and many other things. If you want to take the class and have a special request please let us know and Ellie will try to work that in also. Ellie is very patient and has been our Basics Teacher since we started in 2001.

Wednesday, September 17: The Elegant Mess, Fred Mullett, 10-2, $55. The longer description of the Elegant Mess will not deal with material specifics. It will, however, address a few of the basic graphic components that contribute to the merit of several of the samples. (Material specifics will come at some point in the future. Thank you for your patience on this.)In two-dimensional graphics, everything sits on a background. (Some of this is covered more extensively in Push/Pull.) A white piece of paper is a background in service to the image you put on it. Same with a black piece of paper. But plain paper - no matter what the color - lacks interest. Any sort of texturing or pattern gives the work more "visual flavor"; more "pizzazz"; more interest. That's the upside. The downside is that if it's too interesting, it detracts from the image you put on top.
Here is an example of this idea:This is an image that has a high contrast, uniform patterning effect to it. And, believe it or not, there is an object sitting on top of this checkerboard pattern! You can't see it because it matches the background. But let's take this same layout, and lighten and diffuse the background while leaving the object on top in place. (Roll your mouse over the image below to see this effect.)The only thing that has changed is the "presence" of the background. It has less of an impact due to its decreased value contrast (gray and white as opposed to black and white)
September-December 2008
Page 4

and the softening of the hard edges. The object is still sitting on the background (it almost seems to float). It just draws our attention more because of this change in the background.This is the same general approach to some of the images in the samples for the Elegant Mess. It is certainly seen in the samples on my website: Fred will take a maximum of 12 students per class. This class now has 8 signed up.
Dancing Rubber Fish, Fred Mullett, 4-8P, $55. Hands-on elaboration of "Painting With Plastic; Multicolor Embossing with Fred B. Mullett", Somerset Studio, May-June 1997. Expanding the methods of multi-color printing with multi-color embossing and watercolor additions, this class is geared toward the experienced student, though could be considered a "sink or swim" lesson for beginners. Runs approximately 3 1/2-4 hours. Includes handouts and a large supply of instructor-provided supplies. There's a small materials list for students. Max - 12 students.. (Price and availability varies. Check with store for details.) Max. 12
Thursday, September 18: Spritz Me Baby, Mo Bettah, Fred Mullett, 10-2, $55. Finding merit in the "less is more" concept and the power of imprecision, this class focuses on the soluble properties of markers and other water-based media to achieve watery effects using rubber stamps. (This technique was a national winner in a recent contest sponsored by Tsukineko, Inc.) Bleaching out imagery on black paper, then re-introducing color with high contrast accents is also tackled to achieve startling effects. Runs approximately 4+ hours. Some experience in stamping suggested. Includes handouts and a large supply of instructor-provided supplies. Raincoats are optional. (Just kidding!) Students will be responsible for a list of specific required materials. Max - 12 students. (Price and availability varies. Check with store for details.) Max 12.
Undecided Class, 4-8PM, $55. We will see if we have waiting lists on any of Fred’s classes then we’ll put that one in this spot.

Friday, September 19: The Altered Art Club has disbanded so will not be meeting the 3rd Friday of each month.
The ATC Club/Class Swap will be meeting next Friday at 6:30, September 26.

Saturday, September 20: A Victorian Book, Wendy Poma, 10:30-2:00, $40. You really must see this book. It has envelopes, it has plain pages, it has decorated pages, it has slide in places for notes and it is just plain beautiful.

Sunday, September 21: Coffee Tag Book, Gayle Smith, 12:30-3:00, $35. Using big shipping tags to form a book with plenty of pockets for more tags. I bet you think this class sounds easy and quick? Well let me tell you when Gayle gets through putting ribbons, flowers, jewels and anything else she can find to make it glitzy and glamorous that’s what she does—this is not to be missed. This one looks like it is stained with coffee and gives the paper a leathery feel to it.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Here are the lists for the supplies for Fred Mullett's classes this coming Wednesday and Thursday.

"The Elegant Mess"
(1) Cutting mat (ideally, larger than 3"x4" and smaller 9"x12")
(2) Xacto or craft knife (preferably not scissors)
(3) Metal ruler or straight edge for cutting straight lines
(4) At least 6 Luminarte H2Os or one of the USArtQuest PearlEx round pallettes. (Add lots of water to these the day prior to class. They need to be "goopy" or "pastey" and not hard. This is important!!!!!) Color selection is up to student.
(5) Work apron (strongly advised)

"Dancing Rubber Fish"
All material and supplies provided by instructor...unless they want to bring some of their own images to try this with in the last part of the class. Maybe some EP's they want to dust off and bring up out of the basement.

"Spritz Me, Baby...Mo' Bettah!"
(1) Some of their favorite broad-tipped water-based markers (Tombow, Marvy, Crayola...whatever), in a wide range of values (light, mediume and dark)
(2) Favorite medium to large FBM stamps, if they wish (many provided)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stampin' from the Heart's 1st Blog

Stampin' from the Heart
11720 Washington Place
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Hours of Operation: Sun. 12-5; Mon. Closed, Tuesday 10-5:30; Wed. 10-8;
Thursday 10-5:30, Friday 10-8; Sat. 10-5:30

Hi Everyone:

We're going to try to communicate in a new way--by blog. Since you all know
I have no clue as to what I am doing this blog will be a test run.

We had a wonderful class with Mike strong on Saturday September 6, 2008 and
have set him up to come back January 10, February 7, and March 7.

We have Make-It and Take-It tonight with Laura Kanno come on by--it starts
at 6:30 and goes until no one is at the shop. Each MITI is about 30 minutes long
and you can do one or as many as you want. They are $5 each project given to
the teacher. All materials will be furnished. Since this is my first blog I don't
have pictures but I will work on that.

Saturday, September 13 is a Black and White Card class with Jessica Hollowell.
She is an artiste extraordinare. She has been published in several of Stampington's
magazines and her art is amazing. The class is from 10:30-12:30 and it is $30.
She is using ideas from the 1950's fashion plates. The lines are crisp and clean
and you will love this class.

Sunday, September 14 Kelly Kilmer will be doing a book class from 12:30-4:30, $70, It is called "A Few of My Favorite Things. Using cherised ephemera from a stash you have been hoarding you will build an
inspirational book, a unique little tome that you will refer to again and again over the years. You guys have been begging me to teach this class since you first laid eyes on my little collage book that I've been keeping...You will walk out with a fully painted, fully hand bound, canvas board covered book made 100% by you! You will also walk out with your head spinning with new ideas for collage on the inside pages. Please make sure to bring some of your own treasures that you've been "holding onto" (and I will bring some of mine for you to use!) I guarantee this is one little book that will whisper to you to work on its pages. Supply List- Students should please bring the following: Small selection of Collage ephemera (handmade/decorative paper, copies of old photos, magazine clippings, journal pages, art book pages, cherished cut outs- anything that "speaks" to you. Please make color copies of anything you wish to use more than once), Scissors, bone folder, 3 bristle brushes to paint and glue (no foam please), container to hold water in, cork backed metal ruler, black permanent ink pad (like Versafine or Memories) roll of paper towels, and a roll of waxed paper. The instructor will be supplying an array of professional artist acrylics and mediums, rubber stamps, collage ephemera, and all necessary materials.

Also on the 3rd Wednesday night of each month we have an "ATC Class/Swap Club". Kristy Williams is the teacher and moderator. You will make to ATC's each month, Kristy will provide all the materials for a moderate fee of $10.
Then you will swap the ATC's that you have made during the month with each other. You make as many ATC's as you want then swap that amount of ATCs with other club members. For the month of September only we will be meeting on Friday, September 26.

We also have Fred Mullett coming in with three classes on Wednesday, September 17 and Thursday September 18. Wednesday, 10-2, The Elegant Mess, $55; Wednesday, 4-8, Dancing Rubber Fish, $55; Thursday, September 18, 10-2, Spritz Me Baby Mo Bettah, $55.

I promise to try to learn how to post pictures so you can see pictures of some of the classes in the future.

Well I'm going to try to blog this, so bye for now. Karen