Friday, October 31, 2008


If you come in and shop today in costume there will be a 35% discount waiting for all your purchases. It is for today only and you MUST be in costume.

Here is the student list for Helene's class from Magenta on Thursday, Nov. 6 from 6-9. You will need: Permanent black ink, pigment pad like colorbox either lava black, sepia black, chestnut or a dark brown (can use Versacolor also), Cat's eyes lime or moss green and cyan. Different colors of cat's eyes or colorbox that you like to use together, USArtQuest palette and a small watercolor brush, glossy accent or diamond glaze, color pencils green and light blue, double sided tape, Exacto knife and scissors, colorbox stylus with with foam attachments. We are out of the stylus and white foam attachments and won't have them in time for the class--so beg, borrow or share with friends.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Just a note--Linda Forrest's Black and White Class is NOT this Saturday; it has been moved to Saturday, December 13. Sorry for the confusion. You can still sign up this early for Linda's class, it promises to be very elegant.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


For those of you who want to take the Magenta Class on Thursday November 6 we need sign ups now. Beverly and Helene are trying to get their cards cut and put together. In Helene's class she is taking a max of 16 and we have 13 sign up already. If you want to take these classes you need to let us know asap.

Thank you ladies for the fun time we had at Extravaganza. A great time was had by all, but it wouldn't have been without all the chuckles and friends that we had there. Thank you all again.

Hats off to our wonderful, talented and awesome Extravaganza teachers, Gloria Lusear and Gayle Smith, Jessica Hollowell, Ellie Shaw and Kristy Williams. We are looking forward to next year.

Wednesday, October 29: Calligraphy Class #6, Designing Letters, DeAnn Singh, 10 weeks, 7-9PM $200. The classes will be held on either Wednesday or Thursday of each week. Read our note at the top of this newsletter about DeAnn.

Thursday, October 30: Art from the Heart Club, 6:30-8:30. Are you looking for a way to make and share art well here it is. This club has been going for 7 years now and we are always looking for new artists both beginning and experienced. We meet once a month and have a theme each month and usually a hands-on demonstration each month. If you are interested, please email me or call the shop or drop on by. Come check us out

Friday, October 31: Happy Halloween! If you shop in costume today there will be a 35% discount on your purchases. We're closing at 6PM tonight.

Saturday, November 1: Black and White Holiday Tag Cards, Linda Forest, 10:30-4:00, $45. Think black and white with a touch of silver or gold for pizzazz and I’ll show you what we can do with some blank tags! In this workshop we’ll be creating distressed backgrounds with acrylic paints directly onto 4 x 8 tags. We will then embellish each tag with a “Tag Girl” dressed in black and white glam. Each tag will be mounted onto folded cardstock and wrapped n tulle with a tied ribbon ready for that special recipient. You will leave this workshop with 6 Tag Cards and a happy heart! Students should bring a glue stick and sharp scissors for light trimming. Also bring a snack or lunch for good energy

Thursday, October 23, 2008


There are two openings left for this Saturday's Extravaganza. If you thought about it and figured it was closed now is your chance.

Monday, October 20, 2008


If you have been debating whether to take the Extravangaza I want to let you know there are three (3) openings left. It will be a fun day with giveaways, raffles, free stamps for the students and lots of fun projects and ideas. The food won't be bad either. Let us hear from you soon so the teachers know how many projects they need to prepare.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hope you are all enjoying a great fall. Here is a list of our classes for this week.
Just to let you all know we are booking classes for next year (2009). We have added to our roster of wonderful teachers. Mike Strong will be coming once a month, most months. We are looking to add a teacher name Sumi for some Deco Clay classes--you know those beautiful flower classes--we will try to have classes with Deco Clay at least once every couple of months--still need to talk with Sumi. We have signed up classes with some of our regulars--Kelly Kilmer, Wendy Poma, and Gayle Smith. There will be others coming along. If you have a class you would like to see come to the shop, please leave a comment on this blog, email me or phone the shop. Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, October 21: The Elemental Basics of Stamping, Ellie Shaw, 11:30-1:30, $35. Ellie will show you some really fun things to do with rubber stamps. She will teach you embossing, direct to paper coloring technique, the difference between the types of ink that are on the market today and many other things. If you want to take the class and have a special request please let us know and Ellie will try to work that in also. Ellie is very patient and has been our Basics Teacher since we started in 2001. Thanks Ellie!

Wednesday, October 22: The Elemental Basics of Stamping, Ellie Shaw, 6:30-8:30, $35. Ellie will show you some really fun things to do with rubber stamps. She will teach you embossing, direct to paper coloring technique, the difference between the types of ink that are on the market today and many other things. If you want to take the class and have a special request please let us know and Ellie will try to work that in also. Ellie is very patient and has been our Basics Teacher since we started in 2001. Thanks Ellie!

Thursday, October 23: Calligraphy Class #5, Designing Letters, DeAnn Singh, 10 weeks, 7-9PM $200. The classes will be held on either Wednesday or Thursday of each week. Read our note at the top of this newsletter about DeAnn.

Saturday, October 25: Our last Extravaganza of the Year, Subject to be announced. As usual we will have our five teachers: Jessica Hollowell, Gloria Lusear, Ellie Shaw, Gayle Smith and Kristy Williams. Once again, we will have breakfast and lunch together as well as all the projects. Starting time is 9AM, cost is $95. Maximum amount of students is 20. This Extravaganza we will not only do cards at one table but a project you can put together for hostess gifts for the holidays.

Sunday, October 26: Swatches: Little Paper Books 4 hours $70 I'm absolutely addicted to these little books. I guarantee after this class, you'll be too! After you pick from a hodge podge of "found" papers, you will assemble a variety of little paper books. We will quickly assemble a small pile of "swatches" learning a quick and easy bookbinding stitch as you go. We will then start to work quickly on the pages (but not too quickly) working in multiple books at one time, listening to our muses (no criticism only soft whispers of "go for it..."), we will collage, stamp, paint, doodle, stitch and play on the pages. You will learn how to work fast. You will learn a variety of new mixed media collage techniques. You will walk out with a small pile of books that you can toss in a bag and bring with you anywhere and everywhere. Supply list- Students should, please, bring to class: Favorite Glue stick, Scissors, bone folder, cork backed metal ruler, 3 1" bristle brushes to paint and glue with, container to hold water, small selection of collage ephemera to use, roll of waxed paper, roll of paper towels. Questions? Please email Kelly at

Thursday, October 16, 2008



I promised Tim Janes from Deco Clay a phone call tonight with a guestimation of how many of you will show up tomorrow night (Friday) for the Deco Clay Make It Take It. Normally MITI is just drop in but since he is bringing product they would like to have some idea as to how much to bring. See the picture on my profile to see what the project is. It is a $10 project, they furnish the clay and the tools.

If you think you are going to come tomorrow night, please give me a call at the shop before 8PM tonight (Thursday) so I can give Tim a call. I appreciate your help in this matter.

Thanks, Karen

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

N E W--Pinecone Press Book Club

Come join our NEW Pinecone Press Book club, facilitated by Gayle Smith. It starts November 2 at 1:00PM. Don't tell me our stamping store is now becoming a reading post--well not exactly.

With the Pinecone Press Book Club you will have opportunities to make all types of paper projects, some chipboard projects, some tin projects and who knows what else they will come up with during the next 6 months. We ask that you commit to 6 months (it really isn't that long, just think back to the holiday season last year and here it is again). If you start in November your 6 months will be up in April.

The Book Club will consist of a book with at least 15 projects in it each month and two kits--A and B with all the material to complete at least two projects. Gayle will have the class on the first Sunday of the month and you will probably complete or come real close to completing the first project in one of the kits. You will then go home with that kit as well as the second one. During the month you are to complete the second project. If you are like some of us and always seem to run out of time, we will have a Pinecone Press Project Night which will be the 3rd Friday of the month. If you are a member of the Pinecone Book Club, Project Night is free; if you are not a member but would like to come and work on projects of your own or maybe pick up a Kit that night the cost will be $10 + the materials for the project.

The first kit in November that we will be doing is a Holiday Planning Notebook and the second project is (call it what you want); it is an ATC holder, a tea bag or sachet holder with 5 pockets, they are both on display in the shop.

The cost is $40 a month (remember you get the book, kit A, kit B with all the materials. If you make the 6-month commitment you pay each month for the next month's kit so it is not a huge outlay of money all at once.

If you have any questions regarding the Pinecone Press Book Club please leave a comment on this blog or email Gayle at Looking forward to hearing from some of you--this is going to be fun.

NOTE: There are still 5 spots left in the Extravaganza taking place Saturday, October 25. It is a fun day you won't want to miss. Come and let your hair down.

Don't forget Wendy and Jessica's class this Saturday and Sunday. Call quick.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Wednesday, October 15: ATC Class and Swap Club, Kristy Williams, 6:30, $10. Everybody does their own ATC’s (usually 8-12) which you then exchange with the other members and Kristy the Teacher/Coordinator then has the supplies and plans a lesson for making another two (2) ATCs at the meeting, so you will go home with anywhere from 8-12 ATCs.

Thursday, October 16: Calligraphy Class #4, Designing Letters, DeAnn Singh, 10 weeks, 7-9PM $200. The classes will be held on either Wednesday or Thursday of each week. Read our note at the top of this newsletter about DeAnn. If you don't have a newsletter, please email me and I will send you one or come into the shop and pick one up.

Saturday, October 18: The Journal Book, Wendy Poma, 10:30-2:00, $40. Come join Wendy’s class as she does another classy journal book. Great for gift-giving (holidays are fast approaching) or keep it for yourself to journal entries.

Sunday, October 19: Marvelous Mosaic Paper Quilts, Jessica Hollowell, 1:00-4:00, $35. If you like puzzles you will love this class. You will paint several backgrounds and then cut them into smaller pieces and rearrange them into a patchwork of color. Then you’ll decorate with a variety of stamped items.

There are 7 openings in the Extravaganza slated for October 25. For those that are new and don't know about Extravaganza. We start at 9AM with breakfast, then do two projects, the have lunch, then two more projects. This year's theme is cards and gift ideas. Gayle and Gloria will be doing cards at their table, holiday and generic; Ellie and Kristy will be doing hostess gift ideas for the holidays or any other time of the year that you want to give a little something special to someone for an invite or a kindness they showed. Jessica will be doing an art project that can also be used as a gift. You will get another bag along with bunches of stamps. The cost is $95.
There will also be give-aways and raffles going on during the Extravaganza. We all have a great time, just ask some of those who have come before. Those of you that have done an Extravaganza leave a note on the blog so others can get an idea of what you did and how you liked it.

Also, don't forget the Magenta ladies in November.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Don't forget tonight's Calligraphy Call #3 and tomorrow night's MITI with Jessica Hollowell.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NINA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NINA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NINA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU--It is Nina's birthday today, if you would like to send her some well wishes her email is I know she'd like to hear from all of you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ok everyone here is this week's update:

Wednesday, 10/8/08: Kelly Kilmer is doing her Buttonhole Stitch Book from 6:30-8:30PM, $55. Supply list is scissors, bone folder, cutting mat, xacto blade, cork back metal ruler, paper towels, wax paper, 3--count them 3 1" bristle brushes for paint and glue, Versafine Black or permanent black ink pad.

Thursday, 10/9/08: Calligraphy class #3, DeAnn Singh, 7-9PM.

Friday, 10/10/08: Make-It-Take-It with Jessica Hollowell, 6:30PM, $5 per project.

Saturday, 10/11/08: Bats in the Belfry with Kristy Williams, $40. You will be making three (3) great Halloween cards and a little trinket box all dressed up like Halloween.

Sunday, 10/12/08: Hanko Punch and Paper Card, Lori Lai, $50. Lori will be doing several cards that are truly amazing. Check out her talent on the Hanko website.

NEWS FLASH: Tim Janes from Deco Clay in Hawaii will be in our shop, Friday night, October 17 to do a Make-It-Take-It, $10. Flowers on a natural grass box. You will be making your own flowers with Tim's help and the Deco Clay. Many of you remember the classes we had in here about 5 years ago with Diane Katsuyoshi. We are looking in to having some classes next year in the shop. Since space is limited and this MITI may be more than 30 minutes long in order to make the flowers, you should probably call in and make reservations. Hopefully sometime this week I will have a picture on the blog. Not on my computer so I can't right now.

If you want to sign up for any of the preceeding classes, please email, comment on the blog or phone the shop. Talk to you soon

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hey guys I hate to do this but I am going to have to close the shop from 1-3:30 on Wednesday. Charmaine will come in around 3:30 and I will be there from 4:30 or 5 until closing. Please pass this info along to anyone who may not look at the blog. Thanks, Karen

Friday, October 3, 2008

OK Everyone--

Don't forget tonight's Make It and Take It in honor of Worldwide Card Day starts 6:30.

Also, this is the last day to sign up for Linda Forrest's A-Muse-ing Tags and Book Class which takes place tomorrow, Saturday.

Don't forget Jessica Hollowell's stunning Library Pockets Class on Sunday--again last day to sign up is today, Friday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

News for 10/1/08: The double-sided adhesives from Fred Mullett's class is now in the shop. It is from Grafix.

This Friday, October 3, 2008 starting at 6:30PM, there will be a Free Make-It-Take-It to celebrate "Worldwide Card Making Day" on October 4. We have Linda's class on Saturday so we are doing the MITI Friday Evening. You can still come in for Cafe night but you also might want to take advantage of the Make It Take It.

We have two new Halloween papers and a Thanksgiving paper from Pinecone Press.

Calligraphy Class #2 is tomorrow night, Thursday, October 2, 7PM to 9PM. You can purchase supplies from DeAnn when you get there.

Linda Forrest's A muse ing Tag class is scheduled to take place on Saturday. If you think you want to take it, we need to hear from you by noon tomorrow (Thursday, 10/2) so she can plan and cut paper. Lots of prep work for this class.

Also, Jessica's class on Sunday is still open. She is doing artsy, colorful library cards. Again, please call us by end of day tomorrow, Thursday.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them on the blog or email me.