Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Check the pictures for some great classes coming up this week. We have our Stampin' Cafe on Friday--come on in and we'll get out the Big Kick and maybe the Cricut too and see what fun we can have.

Saturday, Gayle Smith is doing the Big Shot class. The Big Shot is a really fun tool. You can make flowers, background embellishments and other things that will make your card pop.

Sunday, Lori Lai is doing a paper weaving class with ribbons and the Hanko Japanese paper. We have a real sample in the shop for you to see, Ethel Cullom accidentally left hers so we will show you how it is done. It is beautiful.

Many of you have commented about wanting to take classes using these techniques. We want to keep these teachers coming back and the only way to do that is to have people in their classes. Please give us a call and sign up today or tomorrow so that the teachers will know how many to prepare for and also that the class is a go. We have had to cancel classes in the past because not enough people signed up and then the day of had more come in to take the class that would have made that class go but because of low sign ups we cancelled. Some of these teachers come a long way for the classes they provide so there is travelling expense, materials expense as well as their experience. So come on gang let's give a rah rah rah to our teachers and sign up asap. Thank you all for helping out in this matter.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

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