Tuesday, October 19, 2010


An order for Elizabeth Craft Glitter Ritz will be going in on Friday, October 22. The cost of each jar of glitter is $7.25 and $7.75 for the cool and warm highlights. Since I am placing an order for the shop, if there is anyone out there that would like to order all 60 colors (not including the highlight colors) I can order them for you and sell them to you for $325 for all 60 colors. Retail on the 60 colors is $645. You need to pay in advance if you are ordering all 60 colors. It will take about 2 weeks to get them into the shop. Please email me if you are interested in ordering the complete set. This is the most phenomenal glitter I have ever used, it looks like satin on the page and is very easy to work with when doing projects.

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