Monday, January 10, 2011

With this posting it is with fond memories that a little girl around 10 or 11 came into the shop one day to buy a piece of paper. Then she came in with her sister who is 10 years younger. They would count out their pennies and if the younger sister was short the older one would help her out. I was impressed at how responsible this little 10 year old was in taking care of sister and knowing what she needed. As time went on, she would come in on a regular basis. Little did I know then that when she was old enough she would actually become part (a very integral part) of Stampin' from the Heart.

Well folks, it is my (sad?/happy?) duty to tell you all that today, January 10 our own Laura Cesareo turns 21. If that doesn't make some of us feel real old I don't know what would. Happy birthday Laura--you are loved and appreciated by all of us who work with you and all that you take care of on a daily basis.

Many, many more happy, healthy and prosperous years ahead.

You are Loved

Karen, Nina & Charmaine
All the customers that you have endeared yourself too-


Stampmaiden said...

Awwwww. Happy Birthday Laura! It's always fun to see what you're making at the table or just chat and catch up.
Thanks for your input when I'm stuck with a project. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thank you ALL! :)