Sunday, October 30, 2011

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we did it!  We had our 10th anniversary/birthday, hard to believe we've been here 10 years.  Thank you all of you who came and made our day fun and successful.  We were so glad to see all of you, some we see frequently and some we haven't seen in a while--it was good to see all of you--A BIG HUG AND KISS AND AN EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU.  Special thanks to Rebekka Behunnin who came all they way from Redlands for a great Make It and Take It, and you all got some orange paste and a stencil, how great is that (thank you also Hailey we appreciate all your help).  Thank you to Shellie DiSpirito and my son and daughter-in-law for the flowers--they are beautiful and we will enjoy them the rest of the week.  Thank you Beverly McAlister for the wonderful homemade Oatmeal Toffee Chip cookies (she has a wonderful cookie business and has made some wonderful cookies for some of our events) and Cate Reilly for the truffles.  A big thank you to Ellie Shaw who always does more than she should--thanks for the wonderful homemade cookies the ginger was great (I think Marty ate all the ginger cookies except the one I ate).  Thank you DeAnn Singh for the wonderful calligraphic wishes--we will get them up for all to see--so much talent in one lady, hard to believe.  Last, but not least, a SUPER HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to all those that made this day possible; an early morning call for my husband and son to put up shades and picking up the tables and barbecue and making sure the hot dogs were done to perfection; Nina for all her help throughout the shop but especially in the Make It Take It area with her expertise in making and taking and Laura who manned the register through most of the day and handled it so well when things got a little bit crazy (unfortunately we are not use to 10 people lined up at the register at one time) and Angelica for helping us all out and taking a lot of the pressure off.

I realized today that many of you want items that need to be ordered; you ask me to order them, and I have failed you more than once--so we are going to try something new when you want me to order something for you, please email me with the item (manufacturer and number [if you know it], that way I have it on the computer and if there are questions we can refer back to it--I am trying to do something that maybe my brain will handle.  Let's try.

Again, thank you all for a wonderful day.  Now I will take my bones to the bath and bed.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Love to you all


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