Monday, September 23, 2013

Have to comment on the raffles. Since it was a going out of business sale we couldn't do a give away like our Extravaganza's--this had to be something extra special so we had everyone put their names in a basket, then when names were picked they had a big basket and 1-1/2 minutes to run through the store and put what they could in their baskets and then take it home. (That way I know that all that merchandise will have a good home.) Congratulations goes to Cledith, Judy, Laura, Ellie, Joyce and Angie.(Thank you so much for playing your harp for us Angie, it was beautiful and thoroughly enjoyed by all of us). Just imagine over $5000 worth of merchandise to 6 lovely winners. Everyone else enjoyed the 75% off savings which will continue this week so please stop by before we get rid of all the merchandise and take advantage of this Going Out of Business Sale.

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