Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hi Everybody

Just a note to say "hi" and let you know I miss all of you.  Things have been a little busy in my life.  Our kids decided to drag us into the 21st century kicking and screaming--with a new ipad for Christmas which meant we had to take a class--"iphone, ipad, i'm lost" which was a good basic class.

Then for the last two weeks I have taken a class "How to sell on eBay".  So I now have 12 listings on ebay and plan to put more and more each week, so check us out there.  We are listed as "stampersheart".

I am really happy to say that all of our teachers have been able to find other places to teach, so please check their schedules.  Rebekka Behunin (and her daughter Hailey) who teach Dreamweaver Stencil Classes and has a cruise coming up in October; Lori Lai, who demonstrates and teaches for Hanko Stamps and Papers; and Mike Strong who does Mike Strong Stamps and all his famous make something out of nothing techniques are teaching at Scrampers in Gardena.  Call them and get on their email so you can find out where and when these wonderful teachers are teaching.

Nina has found her niche in an Insurance Company and is doing well.  Charmaine is enjoying her retirement and keeping busy with yoga and walking and five cats.  

I am keeping busy with grandkids and family obligations as well as trying to organize a craft room and put stamps on ebay.  Most of the stamps were in the shop before we closed, but I am still able to get stamps from a distributor that I used and so will be posting new stamps, ribbons, die cuts and inks in the near future.  

I would love to hear from any and all of you and know what is going on in your lives.  I am sending love and special blessings to all of you.

My email address is stampinheart@hotmail.com

Have a wonderful summer!!!

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