Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday this past week and were able to spend time with your family and friends.

We love having classes going each week, but I need to remind you that for each class (including Extravaganza, this Saturday) you are requested to bring your Basic Stamping Kit.  In some classes you won't need it but in many you will.  There was an ink class that the Basic Kit was needed but each individual was not told to bring it (our fault).  ALWAYS bring your basic kit--which includes glue, tape, a ruler, scissors, an xacto knife, bone folder, and one or two acrylic blocks.  If you do not have any of the above items the shop or teacher will generally have some, but it is easier to share with one or two rather than a whole class.

In some specialized classes like Rebekka's Dreamweaver classes (which is coming up this Sunday) you also need to bring 4-6 small blue or gold handle brushes with you.  This should be part of your basic Dreamweaver kit.

Just to let you know, we have a full house for Extravaganza this Saturday--that will be 20.  We are looking at some fun projects.  Bring some small pictures (copies, if you have them), there are a couple of projects that can use them--

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